Shoulder Joint Replacement - Carrollton, TX
Dr. Goodhart is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in the treatment of a wide range of shoulder conditions such as Rotator Cuff Injury, Frozen Shoulder, Arthritis, Shoulder Dislocation etc. The surgeon uses advanced techniques to perform shoulder joint replacement surgery to help patients lead an active life.

Shoulder Joint Replacement In Carrollton

Shoulder joint replacement surgery is performed to treat severe joint pain due to Arthritis or other degenerative conditions that do not subside with conservative treatment options. The procedure helps in improving strength and flexibility of the shoulder joint.
The shoulder joint comprises of three bones, upper arm bone (humerus), shoulder blade (scapula) and collarbone (clavicle). The head of the upper arm bone is located in the glenoid cavity. The bones are protected by articular cartilage, a covering that allows smooth movement of the shoulders.

Types Of Shoulder Joint Replacement

Depending on the extent of damage caused to the shoulder, the surgeon may perform any of the following joint replacement procedures:

  • Total shoulder replacement: The surgery involves replacing the shoulder joint surface with a metal ball attached to a stem as well as socket.
  • Stemmed hemiarthroplasty: In this procedure, only the head of the humerus is replaced with a metal ball.
  • Reverse total shoulder replacement: In this procedure, the entire shoulder anatomy is reversed. The socket is attached to the upper arm bone whereas a metal ball is connected to the shoulder bone.
  • Shoulder resurfacing: A small portion of the upper arm is removed and replaced with artificial implant. This surgery is usually recommended for patients suffering from mild to moderate Arthritis.

Who Is A Candidate For Shoulder Joint Replacement?

A surgery may be recommended to a person suffering from the following conditions:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Post-Traumatic Arthritis
  • Rotator Cuff Tear
  • Osteonecrosis
  • Severe Fractures
  • Recurrent Shoulder Instability

Benefits Of Shoulder Joint Replacement

  • Eliminates joint pain
  • Restores functionality
  • Improves mobility and stability of the shoulder
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Faster return to daily activities

Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery: The Procedure

During a shoulder joint replacement, the surgeon may make small incisions in the shoulder and remove portion of the humeral head. He may then replace the damaged parts with an artificial socket and a metal ball attached to a stem.  

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