Knee Joint Replacement - Carrollton TX
Knee Joint Replacement is a form of surgery that is used for treating patients of acute Knee Arthritis. In cases where other forms of therapy have failed to yield any positive results, Knee Joint Replacement is the only option.

The surgery works by replacement of the affected knee joints by artificial joints called prostheses. These could be made of metal or plastic. With the passage of time and improvements in human understanding of the anatomy of the knees, better materials and procedures, Knee Joint Replacement has undergone a considerable change. The choice of prostheses for a patient depends on a number of factors such as medical history, height, weight, age, as well as the cost of surgery.

Typically, a Knee Joint Replacement can be classified among any of the following three categories:

  • Unicompartmental Knee Replacement
  • Unconstrained Bicompartmental Knee Replacement
  • Constrained Bicompartmental Knee Replacement

Depending upon the patient’s medical condition and the bone loss due to arthritis, a knee surgeon could employ any of the above mentioned techniques.

Among the many benefits of this treatment, the most obvious and significant one is the elimination of pain. When a surgeon replaces the damaged parts of the joint with artificial materials like metal or plastic, the pain-causing tissues are no longer a part of the knee structure. This is a major relief to the patient.

As the pain gets alleviated, the patient can freely take part in everyday activities such as walking, running, jumping, gardening, and a host of others. Pain acts as a deterrent to the mobility of the knees, and joint replacement ensures that it is completely eliminated.

Another benefit of the surgery is considerable reduction in knee inflammation and stiffness. The sleep cycle of the patient is also restored as the pain and swelling will not give him or her any more sleepless nights. Moreover, any deformities in the knee structure can also be corrected through a joint replacement surgery.

The surgery enhances joint function. The results can be overwhelmingly positive, with many patients being able to take part in sports like golf and other physical activities again. Generally, people within the age bracket of 60 and 80 go in for Knee Joint Replacement; however, younger people can also be administered this form of treatment if the need arises.

Knee Joint Replacement is a 2 hour surgery. The procedure is generally painless as anesthesia is given to the patient before actually going under the knife. Once the surgery is completed successfully, many patients experience complete elimination of pain. Typically, an artificial knee joint has a life of 15 to 20 years. Thereafter, it needs to be replaced.

With so much of innovation already happening in the field of medicine, there is scope for improving the Knee Joint Replacement surgeries further. Emphasis is being laid on finding better surfaces for replacement of the worn out tissues and cartilage, and high quality incision that can work well for the benefit of patients.

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